Wednesday, February 27, 2013

It's hip to be square (har har har)

Who even sang that song? I bet they're sorry now, since people are always quoting it whenever they reference a square and are trying to be cute. I wonder if they come across it on blogs like this one and roll their eyes. "Oh, that's SO clever, never heard that one before."

I decided I needed to understand the granny square concept. But I don't like most granny squares. They're holey and frankly, I can't understand how you could get warm under an afghan with holes the size of Texas. I like my blankets to be more solid. Little holes, ok. Big holes, not so much.

So after a little bit of looking, several failures, and an afternoon spent trading pictures with and asking stupid questions to my friend Cindy, I settled upon this pattern: I think I probably got there from Ravelry, but who knows at this point? Anyway. It took me a while, but I finally came up with a square that looked really freaking great:

I like that it's not super girly, it doesn't have any enormous cavities, and best of all, IT'S A SQUARE. *I* made a square. Actually, as of now I have made 11 squares. And I only have about 200 more to go to make the size afghan I want! :P This will be an ongoing project. Thankfully I ran out of white yarn so I had to move on to something else for a while. The whole thing won't be white though. I'm not trying to go all bridal or anything.

Making these squares (and all the ones I screwed up before this one) has given me some insight into how granny square patterns are made. I'm tossing around some ideas for new patterns in my head. We'll see if any of them come to fruition.


  1. I have yet to complete a square. I have started about ten of them but never successfully completed one. I did make a blanket to thrown on the couch. It was supposed to be one big giant circle but it turned into an octagon somewhere along the way. Plus, I really got sick of doing the double crochet stitch so many times. Its circumference is so big at this point that my wrist hurts after I finish a row. I finally understood the whole idea behind working afghans and throws int small squares. Which would be no big deal if my squares actually looked like squares. LOL

    So, the blanket is now laying in the corner with all my other half-finished projects that never get completed.

  2. I think a giant circle would drive me batty. I like the little squares concept. More portable, and I have more "I'm done" moments. :P

  3. That was Huey Lewis. That was also my first concert evah. Granny squares are awesome. It's the whole reason I want to crochet. It seems like it would be so soothing. But I know I'd end up with 5,000 squares and that would be it. I would be all, "Here, I made you a square for your birthday."