Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Going rogue! (Thank you Sarah Palin for ruining that phrase for everyone.)

I just started crocheting, what, three weeks ago? Maybe a month? And already I think I can go off-pattern. Or just forget the pattern altogether and just make something. Pattern shmattern. I cook the same way. Who needs a recipe? I'll just throw stuff in a pot and see what happens. What happens is usually fabulosity on a plate, so I'm good with that. Maybe it'll be the same with crochet! This method does not work with baking, since I don't know enough about the chemical process of baking to be able to go off on my own. Stuff doesn't rise right if you don't use the right ingredients. It's going to be similar with crochet, so I'm trying to learn more about the basics of shape and construction instead of just "I'm going to make this bag." Hopefully if I can learn how all the pieces work together, I won't have to worry so much about finding patterns to start off with.

So anyway, I decided to start this blog because a) I can't stop giggling about the notion that crocheters call themselves "hookers" and I wanna do it too, and b) because... um... I guess only the first reason. Since I snagged such a rocking address, I thought I should use it. I'm probably not just going to post about crochet, because let's face it, I'm slow at making things and also I would get bored with myself if all I ever talked about was yarn. Not that there's anything wrong with blogs dedicated to yarn work. I love and read several of those. That's just not my thing.

Later taters! Happy hooking!

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