Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Mah first project

I made this a while ago, but I'll go ahead and post it because really, it was the beginning of the downhill slide into chaos. :P

One day I went to ShopKo on a whim. I bought myself a crochet hook. I bought myself a ball of yarn. I looked up a tutorial on how to make a starting chain and do single crochet. And then I decided to make a scarf for Claire. Things were going pretty well at first, and I was making it like you would normally make a scarf, with my rows running along the short side and adding rows to make it longer. But since the yarn I bought was different colors (self-striping? variegated? I don't know) it was looking like blocks that weren't even at the edges:

Which is kind of ok, and would have been perfectly fine for a first crochet project. But I don't like blocky things. And it was a little too wide for her little neck, and not long enough. So I frogged the whole thing and decided to switch things up. I made my starting chain the length of the long side, and added rows to make it wider. That changed how the colors looked:

Which I liked a lot better. Experienced crocheters might notice that I was not in fact doing single crochet the correct way, since I was going through the back loops only instead of both. It made a cool texture though, and I didn't notice what I was doing wrong until I tried to make a bag and it looked nothing like the picture in the pattern I was using. Anyway. Here's the finished scarf:

I think it turned out pretty sweet! Claire loves it. I'd post a picture of her wearing it but she's at school and I know I'll forget later.

So this is what happens when you have no idea what you're doing and you decide to make something willy-nilly without a pattern or any concept of how to make what it is you're making. But it was a good learning process, and I think the finished product ended up pretty cool.

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