Tuesday, April 23, 2013


I have a love/hate relationship with the tv. Love it because sometimes I find good shows that don't include animated animals that are learning to count. Hate it because I really don't have time to watch tv as much as I do. Plus, it's really hard for me to find good shows. Thank goodness for Netflix. There's always something on tv when you have Netflix.

So right now I'm watching The Following, because Kevin Bacon. The Bacon is awesome and I will always watch anything he's in. Except that Wild Things movie, because I've heard it's pretty racy and I'd probably get all embarrassed. But everything else, I'm there. BACON. I'm really concerned about what they're going to do for the second season. If things keep going the way they are, that'll just be annoying because I really don't want to watch a cop go season after season not catching the same guy. That's just poor work performance. If they catch him, then they no longer have a villain. If they kill The Bacon, I'll have to set the tv on fire. I can't see how they're going to work it out. But I hope they do. I kind of love that show.

The Good Wife is pretty decent. Sometimes it's dumb, and I get tired of the whole "will they or won't they" storyline. Get over it already. Plus, if she goes full-on and has her affair and leaves her husband, they'll kind of have to change the name of the show because she will no longer be a wife. So there's that. It annoys me. I like actual drama, not high school crap. 

We decided to give Breaking Bad a try since it's on Netflix. I'm unsure how I feel about it. Walter is a compelling character, I'll grant you that. But... I'm just not sure if I'm down with the whole meth scene. So we'll see.

This blog post has absolutely no point and it's basically just an exercise in procrastination because I don't want to fold the laundry. Basically my life is one long series of things that I'd rather be doing instead of laundry.

Monday, April 22, 2013


The weather. Seriously. It is freaking APRIL. Shut up with the winter already.

School is letting out 15 minutes early today due to the weather. I'm not really sure I understand the point. It's only 15 minutes. Do they really think it's going to get that much worse in the space of 15 minutes? And if so, then when can I move to Texas? Because this is getting silly.

Today I decided to dismantle the ceiling fan and clean it. I felt like a BOSS. And the water was all brown. I had no idea the fan blades were supposed to be clear. Ok, kind of translucent-ish. But still. Not tan. hahaha

My new job is great. Low-stress, nice people to work with, and there's a big giant window right behind my desk so I can sit and look outside and watch all the college students scurrying to and fro. And the squirrel. The squirrel in the tree is fat, and he likes to perch on the very tippy ends of branches where they can't really support him. It's entertaining.

I've asked this before, and I'm sure I'll ask it again, but HOW do families function when both parents work full-time? That's not a judgmental question or anything, I'm genuinely curious because with all the running around and cleaning and cooking and making sure everyone gets their baths in the evening and everything, I really don't know how parents do it when they're out of the house all day and then have to come home to chaos. My hat's off to you people. Working half-time has already crunched my schedule a bit. I can't imagine trying to get it all figured out if I worked 8 to 5 every day.

I am still crocheting. But I haven't completed anything so I have nothing to show for it. I want to make myself a big shoulder bag for summer, but I have to buy yarn for it and I haven't decided yet what color I want to use. So by the time I figure it out, it'll be done just in time for winter probably. That's how I roll. I started making myself a cowl in March, people. How ridiculous is that?

I guess I'd better go get ready to get the girl child since school is getting out early and all. Blargh. Maybe I can get a parking spot in front so I don't have to get out of the car. It's freaking cold, dude.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Workin' girl

A job got me.

I can't really say "I got a job" because it wasn't like I was looking for it. The job found me. Right now it's only half-time, and I may or may not be working through the summer, and I may or may not take on more hours in the fall -- kind of all depends on what's in the budget, but the boss wants me to have as many hours as possible. I'm gonna be a secretary! "Office assistant" is the official term. Office Ass.

So I'm kind of a little worried about how things are going to go with the kids. I had fully planned on going back to work when Zach started school, but this starts in just over a week, so I'll have to deal with the rest of the school year and maybe summer too. And I'm just not used to leaving the kids with babysitters. I know people do it all the time and everything's just fine, but I'm not sure how *we* will handle it, you know? I have a lead on a good daycare lady, but I'm a little unsure how we'll handle the days over the next couple of weeks when he gets out of school at 11:30 but I'll be working until noon.

It'll all get worked out, I know. And I'm not SUPER worried, I just don't have the answers yet. I don't like ambiguity.

Also, I need a haircut this week, because I don't want to start a new job looking like Chachi. Which I do right now. It's not a good look. It's a shame because it's almost as long as I wanted it, but whatevs.

I gotta get some new pants. My "nice" pants, which really aren't all that nice, are too big. Boo. But that means I get to go shopping! Yay!

Monday, April 1, 2013


I cannot crochet. I have crocheted so much that my body is rebelling. Right now when I pick up the hook and try to make a stitch I get this nasty cramp across my palm. So I'm not going to crochet today, and when I go to Walmart tomorrow I'll try to get a hook handle thing that's big and makes it easier.

So since I can't crochet, I have to do other stuff. Like rambling about random thoughts I have.

My kids are hilarious. Seriously. I feel so bad for people who don't have funny kids. I feel even worse for people who do have funny kids and don't realize it. I mean, really, kids can be so annoying. They get up early, they wake you up in the morning for stupid reasons like they can't reach a certain toy and "need" you to get it, they run around shrieking like crazy people, they make messes, they fight. If they don't make you laugh, how do you survive parenthood? Truly. I can't understand it. I think kids should be funny in direct proportion to how annoying they are. That seems to be true for mine.

Zach's room needs to be painted and re-furnished and all that happy crap. And I am so not looking forward to it. Claire's was fun because I know how to decorate for a girl. I don't know how to decorate for a boy. I think it'll end up cool, but it's harder.

I think naps should be required by law.

Holiday food is my favorite because I always make a ton of it and then I don't have to cook for several days. Doesn't even have to be particularly delicious, you know? But holidays are the rare time when leftovers seem to be just fine with everybody else, so it makes me happy.

I'm done now. Gonna go try to grab my lawful nap.