Monday, April 1, 2013


I cannot crochet. I have crocheted so much that my body is rebelling. Right now when I pick up the hook and try to make a stitch I get this nasty cramp across my palm. So I'm not going to crochet today, and when I go to Walmart tomorrow I'll try to get a hook handle thing that's big and makes it easier.

So since I can't crochet, I have to do other stuff. Like rambling about random thoughts I have.

My kids are hilarious. Seriously. I feel so bad for people who don't have funny kids. I feel even worse for people who do have funny kids and don't realize it. I mean, really, kids can be so annoying. They get up early, they wake you up in the morning for stupid reasons like they can't reach a certain toy and "need" you to get it, they run around shrieking like crazy people, they make messes, they fight. If they don't make you laugh, how do you survive parenthood? Truly. I can't understand it. I think kids should be funny in direct proportion to how annoying they are. That seems to be true for mine.

Zach's room needs to be painted and re-furnished and all that happy crap. And I am so not looking forward to it. Claire's was fun because I know how to decorate for a girl. I don't know how to decorate for a boy. I think it'll end up cool, but it's harder.

I think naps should be required by law.

Holiday food is my favorite because I always make a ton of it and then I don't have to cook for several days. Doesn't even have to be particularly delicious, you know? But holidays are the rare time when leftovers seem to be just fine with everybody else, so it makes me happy.

I'm done now. Gonna go try to grab my lawful nap. 


  1. I injured my hand too. Its been a couple days. I'm having withdrawal twitches. LOl I hope you heal soon.

  2. My kids are hilarious too! At least i think they are.