Tuesday, April 23, 2013


I have a love/hate relationship with the tv. Love it because sometimes I find good shows that don't include animated animals that are learning to count. Hate it because I really don't have time to watch tv as much as I do. Plus, it's really hard for me to find good shows. Thank goodness for Netflix. There's always something on tv when you have Netflix.

So right now I'm watching The Following, because Kevin Bacon. The Bacon is awesome and I will always watch anything he's in. Except that Wild Things movie, because I've heard it's pretty racy and I'd probably get all embarrassed. But everything else, I'm there. BACON. I'm really concerned about what they're going to do for the second season. If things keep going the way they are, that'll just be annoying because I really don't want to watch a cop go season after season not catching the same guy. That's just poor work performance. If they catch him, then they no longer have a villain. If they kill The Bacon, I'll have to set the tv on fire. I can't see how they're going to work it out. But I hope they do. I kind of love that show.

The Good Wife is pretty decent. Sometimes it's dumb, and I get tired of the whole "will they or won't they" storyline. Get over it already. Plus, if she goes full-on and has her affair and leaves her husband, they'll kind of have to change the name of the show because she will no longer be a wife. So there's that. It annoys me. I like actual drama, not high school crap. 

We decided to give Breaking Bad a try since it's on Netflix. I'm unsure how I feel about it. Walter is a compelling character, I'll grant you that. But... I'm just not sure if I'm down with the whole meth scene. So we'll see.

This blog post has absolutely no point and it's basically just an exercise in procrastination because I don't want to fold the laundry. Basically my life is one long series of things that I'd rather be doing instead of laundry.

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  1. Dude. I love TV! I don't even care if it's a good show. But I've found several lately (hopped on the bandwagon late)--Mad Men, The Walking Dead (waiting for the next season right now though), Justified (omg, such an awesome show, but you can't get it streaming on Netflix, only DVD--boo!). Um. Something else. I forget. Breaking Bad has been recommended to me by several people, but I have reservations for the same reason you mention. Meth and everyone who takes it, manufactures it, or has anything to do with it makes me sick. So meh.