Wednesday, February 27, 2013

This bag is not what I thought it would be...

For my second project, I thought I should make a bag to keep all my yarn and stuff in so I would stop leaving it all over the house. Yarn gets messy. Also, it's verrrry tempting for curious fingers and they make spectacular knots. So I did some searching and found this pattern:  The bag is super cute, and since the website is called "Beginner Crochet Patterns," I knew I could handle it. I don't like brown, so I decided to use this pretty purple variegated yarn I'd bought when I got the kids some craft stuff. And then I got to work. At first it was going all right, but then I realized that there were ridges going in a spiral on my circle bottom. The lady's circle bottom didn't have any ridges. So I did some Googling and realized that I was going through the back loops only when I did my stitches, and I was supposed to go through both. So it all got frogged and I started again, the right way this time.

I swear to you that my bag is not Day-Glo. It's actually very soft and pretty. My iPod doesn't take great pictures when it's dark and I'm sitting under a lamp.

Anywho, I began to realize that this bag was not going to be nearly large enough to keep my yarn in. It's more like a little purse. I don't really carry purses, especially ones that don't close tightly at the top. But whatever, I got this far, might as well finish it, and I figured if nothing else I could use it to carry around my current project when I take it out of the house, since I have a feeling I'll be doing a lot of crocheting at the park when it gets warmer.

I got the sides of the bag done, and then started on the handle. Look how far I got!

See? Pretty colors. Not neon. And it was going along so well, and it was pretty easy. And then all my yarn got tangled up because that's how my life goes and I had to cut the knot apart, and now it's all in short pieces and I'm probably going to end up needing a second skein because it was already going to be cutting it close BEFORE the epic knot. So. This one is remaining unfinished for now. But I'm going to Walmart tomorrow, and that's where I got this yarn the first time. I'll get another skein and finish it up soon. But since I don't really like to follow patterns, I'm of course changing this one a bit. I probably won't add any flowers, or the bow on the handle, because I'm not a flowers and bows kind of girl. I'm just going to make the handle meet in the middle and join it flat, and then add an edging in dark purple. I mean seriously, can you see ME carrying around a bag with a bow on it? I think not.

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