Saturday, March 2, 2013

Waiting for spring...

I'm so tired of all the germs. Seriously. Somebody has been sick in this house almost constantly since December. And Claire has been waking up in the night throwing up every two weeks on the dot. Seriously. It's always Thursday nights, meaning she misses school on Friday, and she's fine by Friday afternoon. I'd think she was faking it except, hello, who would want to MAKE themselves throw up in their bed and then do it again? Nobody. I'm considering doing a craft project where I made a pretty puke bucket for her room. 

Also, I want sunshine. And warm breezes. I want to be able to take walks again. I miss doing that. And I want to open the windows (on days that the neighborhood doesn't smell like hot poo) and not feel so penned-in. And I want to see if my flowers grow back this year. And whether or not I killed my hostas. I think I might have.

I am really glad that winter got one last hurrah though. We'd gone two winters with almost no snow, and the one good snow we did have this year was all melted by the time we were over the flu, so the kids didn't get to play in it at all. But now that's it's been here for about a week, and it's all crusted over from melting and re-freezing, I'm ready for it to go away.

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