Tuesday, March 12, 2013

It's not a sale or anything

Feeling a little grouchy this morning because of the ridiculous amount of misinformation about DST this week. 

Daylight Saving Time. Not Daylight SavingS Time. There's no coupon here. And I don't know why it's even called "saving" when it doesn't save a thing. It just changes things.

It's also not "normal" time. Setting the clocks back in the fall is when we go back to normal time. People in Arizona live on our "winter" time. That's why setting the clocks forward in the spring has a special name, and setting them back in the fall doesn't. If you grew up in Arizona and then moved to another state, DST is actually the new thing you're having to get used to.

It doesn't actually "save" anything. There's not "more" light. It just lasts later into the evening, because it starts later in the morning. Which people would realize if they were used to getting up before dawn, but I understand that most people don't have insane children who think 5:30 is a perfectly acceptable "good morning time." There are still the same number of hours of daylight in the day. It's just the number on the clock that's different.

Some people prefer DST, and that's ok. Everybody has their preferences. But I do wish more people understood what was actually happening. You're not getting more of anything. Use a little logic. Our clocks do not dictate the spinning of the earth or its rotation around the sun.


  1. Have you not heard the comment made forever ago by a Native American? "Only the government can cut a foot from the top of a blanket and sew it to the bottom and think that they will end up with a longer blanket" Or something similar. LOL I think of it every year when we change the clocks

  2. Ha! I HAVE heard that, but I forgot about it. :)

  3. I just wish the government would pick a time and stick to it. So it stops messing with my internal clock.

  4. Yeah, I always say it's Daylight Savings Time, and some smartass (probably you) corrected me. So FU. But anyway, when people think this is standard time, it really irritates me. So FME.
    Supposably (I just did that to irritate you HA!), we save 10,000 barrels a day because of DST. But I think we should revolt and just knock it off. When they try to "spring forward" we should all just show up to work an hour late.

    1. I think that whole bit about saving all those barrels is a crock of poo. I don't see how that makes any possible sense. I know that's what they SAY, but I'm not buying it. And yes, I believe it was probably me who corrected you. Not this year. I tried really hard not to correct people this year. But I probably did last year.