Tuesday, December 24, 2013

A definition

I'm only going to say one thing on the subject.

Phil Robertson is not being persecuted for being a Christian.

People all over the world are actually being persecuted for being Christians (and other faiths). Right now, as I type this, people are dying for their faith. They are being tortured. Their homes are being burned, their families killed. Children are suffering. THAT is persecution.

An old guy getting suspended (not even definitively fired yet) from one million-dollar job is not persecution. Especially not when said old guy already has another multi-million dollar company under his belt. Companies refusing to sell products advertising his television show is not persecution. Phil Robertson and his family are safe. They are well-fed. They have a warm home. Whatever you may think about the situation, he is not being persecuted.

What a blessing that we live in such a perfect little bubble where a celebrity getting trash-talked and maybe fired can be equated to torture.

There's your reality check.

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