Sunday, July 21, 2013

Check it ouuuuut

When Claire was a baby, she used to say that all the time. "Check it out!" But she'd say it like she was trying to do a really bad Chinese accent so it would sound more like "Chahk aht aaaaahhht!" Hilarious. One of the many things I wish I'd gotten on video, but didn't.

Anyway, look what I made!

This was *supposed* to be Matt's anniversary gift, back in May. And I did give it to him, but it was not anywhere close to complete and I ended up having to redo about 75% of the seams. So I just got Mario's face done today. Still need to crochet a border on the thing, but that shouldn't take nearly as long as putting the squares together. 256 squares, dude. Each square took an average of 20 minutes to make, not counting the time spent joining.

I'm so excited about how it's turning out. :D


  1. Duuuude! It looks awesome. I have been wanting to ask you about it but didn't want to slip and give away the surprise. Does Matt LOVE IT?

    1. He does! And he wasn't even upset that it wasn't actually done on our anniversary, because like he said, it's too hot to use a blanket right now anyway.

  2. Danny just sat down next to me and saw this and went. "Mario? Pretty impressive!" haha

  3. It came out great! I love it.